Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Epilogue – 2 Years Later

The reporter was excited. This was the biggest interview of his career. Bon Jovi had just released a new album and his editor had picked him to talk to them. He was also a fan and he hoped he didn’t make a fool of himself. Facing all five of them he took a deep breath.

“Your new album is a bit of a departure from your last two. It appears that you’ve returned to your roots, so to speak - very emotional ballads, big arena anthems, incredible guitar solos. Yet the lyrics still tell the stories all your fans love. Happy, positive, hang in there, you can have it too stories. And it has a real rock feel to it. What do you attribute this to?” He asked Jon.

David answered. “He’s in looove!”

They all laughed. Jon blushed but smiled as he played with his wedding ring. It was still shiny.

“Ah, yes, the new wife. Congratulations on the twins by the way. I hope everyone is doing well.” The reporter offered.

“Yes, they’re well thanks. The twins are growing like weeds.” Jon beamed with obvious pride.

“That makes six now right? Are you done or are you going to have more?”

“That’s completely up to my wife.” Jon grinned. “Although, Kristen and Luke were a bit of a surprise, so she may want to wait a bit before making that decision.”

“I may sound stupid, but I have to ask...what does your wife have to do with the sound of this album?” The reporter was curious.

Jon smiled. “She convinced me that we could write a song that told a story but put a solid rock beat to it. And she said she missed the big guitar solos. I think she got sucked into that one by Richie though.”

“She just has great taste in music!” Richie retorted.

“Wait a minute. We’re talking about Lindsay here right? Your conservative, CSI, lab tech, crime fighting wife?” He asked incredulously.

Richie hooted. “You don’t know her very well. She may look conservative, but she’s a rocker chick at heart.”

He looked to Jon for confirmation. Who nodded. “If she’s in the mood and the right song comes on she can head bang with the best of them. In fact, when she listened to the draft versions of this album she threatened that if I didn’t amp it up she was leaving me for Steven Tyler.”

The reporter laughed. “Well I have to say she did well. Number one on the charts in North America, Europe, South America and Australia. It looks like life is good for Bon Jovi.”

“Yeah.” Jon said. “It is.”


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your story! You write really really well! And have read the next one too! Can't wait to see if there are going to be any others!!!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your story and read it all in two nights! I loved it!!


Anonymous said...

I could'nt stop reading this story, really great. Thank you. Y

JohnnaJovi said...

I really enjoyed your story. I was hooked from Chapter 1 and you should really think about publishing your stories.

You are a gifted writer and something has to give because I am running out of ink and paper because now I have Blood Relatives printed and I have CSI NJ printed.

Can't wait to read more stories from you!!!

RosieJovi said...

I do agree, I like they way you write...Anymore to come? I like to say its one of my favs so far! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I found yoru story yesterday afternoon and I just couldn't stop reading!! It's amazing!!! Loved it!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your story yesterday and read it in two days! It's great and I can't wait to read more of yours. I'm a Jon girl and thought I had read almost all of them. So glad I stumbled upon this one.

Any more Jon stories in the works?


Anonymous said...

I just read your story in two days!! It was the kind of story I'm looking for!! I love it!! You did a very great job!!